Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mrs. Warren

Put the script on tape yesterday in various styles. Once through saying the cues AND my lines, then once saying just the cues. Well - not the third act, haven't gotten there yet. Am up to page50 - only 2 more to go to the end of Act II. YAY! And act III will be a piece of cake because I only have 5 lines, I think. (That's Rand's monster act.) Then back to slogging through the 4th act.

Trying to make up our minds as to whether we want to be in the third floor apts. or second. Third will be tough on my poor ankle (achilles surgery is a one-year recovery period) but we'll have no one above us tromping on our heads at odd hours. Second much easier for lugging up groceries but sleep could be a problem if there are trompers. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Will be sending off the contracts today with a page of suggestions for script cuts. Trying to trim some of the excess verbiage. And better to do it before memorizing the rest of the script, eh? Our director told Rand he never met a cut he didn't like. (Here a photo of sister Liz before she moved down to Winchester. You can see the ladylike airs already!)

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