Friday, November 30, 2007

Mrs. Warren

So I've got this croup which has been hanging on since Thanksgiving and keeping my husband awake a night due to my coughing. Finally gave in and went to the doctor. They're never on time there so I brought along my script to continue memorization work. Glad I did. Got in over an hour of study before they finally saw me. A mere sinus infection. A cycline to knock it out and a suppressant/expectorant/decongestant to save me from drowning. Perhaps we'll both get some sleep tonight.

I have no compunction whatsoever about sitting in public places and babbling lines. I've no doubt people may well think I'm an absolute loon, but what of that. It used to be easier to study in waiting rooms. They used to be fairly quiet, except for the occasional screaming baby. This particular one not only had music playing from an overhead speaker in the ceiling but ALSO a large television which was blaring out some morning game show idiocy. Some multiple choice game where you try to guess the answer and then spin a dial to win money. They may think me a loon but I think them geese for watching such nonsense. Second hand smoke may offend some people - second hand noise offends me.

I stopped at the thrift shop on the way home and picked up a goody to put in my dressing room - a fake floral lei, very gaudy. I normally have a whole bunch of beads and whatnots hanging across my dressingroom mirror or dangling from light bulbs, but that's one of the boxes we've never unpacked since moving here. So....we accumulate MORE! Yesterday I picked up some opening night cards and one opening night gift. One thing I always take with me on gigs- a card that came with the flowers my mother sent me for opening night of Moon for the Misbegotten in Cincinnati. It was typed by the florist in the middle of a plain white card with their logo on the bottom, not even her handwriting. It says: "To my star in the moon. Love Ma" And it means the world to me.

(This shot is of Mary. She's rather too sweet natured for this business and often comes crying on my shoulder.)

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