Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mrs. Warren

Now into the heavy monologues in the second act. What a bear to learn. If Mr. Shaw can use five examples in a speech, he'll use them all. Not one to edit himself. For example: "The other two were only half sisters. Undersized, ugly, starved looking, hard working, honest, poor creatures." How many adjectives can YOU use to describe someone!!!.... Aaaargh!

And I KNOW, although the director said he didn't think he was going to cut anything, that he probably will. I would if I were directing the thing. And then I'll have to UNLEARN lines. Ain't theatre FUN!

Actually what IS fun is what I did the other day which is to find pictures of the women of the period. I think I got the idea of finding photos of people, places, things to create an emotional reality in my own mind for the character from Zoe Caldwell when I did Medea with her on Broadway. She'd a collection of fabulous pictures which she found that I am sure inspired not only her psychological development of the character but the physical as well. But that's another story.

But it's just grand fun to tape up pictures all over one's dressingroom walls. I flourish in a creative space. One of the most creative rehearsal rooms I've ever worked in was in Indianapolis. Perhaps the ONLY creative rehearsal room I've been in. Most are just large, blank walled, open areas with tape marks on the floor, pock parked with uncomfortable folding chairs. Not dissimilar to dance studios sans mirrors. If I owned a theatre I would make the rehearsal space colorful and full of warmth. A place where creativity was nourished visually and physically. I've never understood why rehearsal rooms are the most barren places on earth. Yes, of course you paint your own landscape during the process, but how much richer it could be with some warmth to start with.

Anyway, this is one of the pictures that spoke to me. Mrs. Warren in her younger days, perhaps? Isn't it just delicious.

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