Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mrs. Warren

Well I've now put the fourth act on tape and have a wee bit of it memorized. Set a goodly speech into my brain while working out on the Nordic Trak in the basement. Got all my hair chopped off a couple of days ago. Shortest I've had it since I was nine. Told the hairdresser to keep it just long enough for me to be able to put in pin curls to hold the wig into place. Now, of course I'll have to get new head shots. Sigh. Well, it was time anyway. I look in the mirror and don't know who this person is. But it sure is easier to take care of.

Been printing out more and more of the victorian photos. There's something that speaks to the muse within when gazing at them. I hope I'll have time to have imaginative play on here. Letters to Sir. George and sister Liz and Vivie. And especially letters to some of the girls in the "hotels" we run. Or more likely - descriptive writings. That's how I create an inner life for the character. If you believe - then so will the audience. If you fake it - they know it.

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