Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mrs. Warren February 13th

Feb. 13, 2008

A lovely treat for Rand and me tonight - our real estate broker, Dan, and a friend from his office in Knoxville came to see the show. It always pumps you up to have friends out there, raises the stakes and changes the dynamics of the ether on stage. Your heart beats just a little faster and you internally dedicate that night’s performance to them.

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Dan said...

Woo-hoo! So excited to get a mention on your blog. Toni and I had a FANTASTIC time visiting you and Rand and getting to see the show. We were so impressed with both of your acting chops. LOL. I can't imagine how you do it. I totally forgot both of you were YOU while I was watching. And I guess that is the goal, right? Great job! Can't wait to see you in something else...