Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mrs. Warren Continues

Feb. 5th

Ah yesterday a needed day off - to do all the chores one couldn’t get to opening week. Laundry, shopping, cleaning the apartments, etc. (This is what we actors call a day off. Ha!)

My two fabulous uncles and aunts drove all the way up from Florida to see the show over the weekend along with my cousin and her husband from GA. It was quite a whirlwind. A LONG drive for a very brief get-together. But a real treat for us. Rand and I so very rarely get to act together in a show and when we do it’s always out of town so not many friends or family can always make it. As a matter of fact one of my uncles and spouse had never seen me on stage before (see photo), so this was a special treat for both of us. No time to get together on Sunday because we had two shows. Boy do I have a great, loving family.

Photo Call tonight after the show went well. Stephen (Triad’s Marketing Director) asked if I’d go to Raleigh Durham with Rebecca to do another NPR (All Things Considered) interview at some ungodly hour of the morning tomorrow. I thought about it and opted not to. A one hour drive each way, early in the morning (well, relatively - for us) after a late photo call the night before? Noooooo. I think not. We don’t eat dinner ‘til after we get home every night which means we don’t get to bed before 1 am usually and I haven’t been sleeping anyway. I sound stupid enough on radio interviews with normal sleep. Can you imagine what I’d sound like with a sleep deprived brain???!!! Steven had been trying to get them to do such an interview for ages and naturally they let him know at the last possible minute. I asked why we couldn’t do a phone patch interview and he gave me some explanation which I think had to do with them patching in our Dramaturg (Elizabeth) from New York City AND Preston (who was, as I recall, by the beach somewhere for some much needed R&R and to finish writing his new play), and not wanting to do a third patch with Rebecca and me at the theatre. I thought, well, Rebecca’s more interesting to listen to anyway - she can go alone. Turns out the whole thing ended up scrapped because there were problems with both Preston & Elizabeth getting patched at the same time. Poor Steven was NOT a happy camper after that. (By the way - for your laymen out there - a phone patch is essentially an interview done over the telephone. I had one way back when, right after I did “Masada,” and they work very well indeed. My interviewer, as I recall was in LA and I was in NY. And this was a call in show, so there was a “patch” to yet another stranger. Think of a three-way conference call over the radio air waves. Ideally it’s always better if you can see the person, but it’s not necessary to be together in the flesh.)

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