Friday, January 4, 2008

Mrs. Warrren Costume Sketches

Kelsey Hunt did a fantastic job with the costumes. Here are a couple of sketches she did of her designs for the Mrs. and Vivie. Color choices ended up changing. Preston (our Director) thought red too obvious a choice for Act. I and II and so I was put in pink instead. (Actually now that I've seen some photos of moi in Act I, do not think that color was at all good with the colors of the set which were yellows and golds and greens. The pink clashed like crazy to my mind. But whaddo I know...) Act III became a gorgeous deep burgundy, with the most gorgeous hat you've ever seen in your life designed by Trent Pcenicni (don't even TRY to pronounce it) and Act IV had an overlay of black lace that was to die for. And all my costumes were made of silk so they had no weight and were lovely to wear.

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