Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mrs. Warren First Preview

January 27, 2008

Passing thoughts - stream of consciousness. New ruffle at the bottom of my bussel underskirt - very odd feeling when walking. A whole new thing in weight shifting. It actually changes how I move - something new to deal with.

Bonnet in Act IV going to be placed higher on the wig. Wonder how that will go? Last night I kept thinking it was falling off. It wasn't, but it was placed so low on the back of the wig it hit against the back of the dress collar (which is very high) and made me think it was coming off. Parasol - they added 8" to the stem. Initially I had to hold it very far above my head so as not to have it hit against the hat and I'm sure it looked ridiculous. Now it's longer and there's also a wrapped tassel on the bottom. Ooooh, all sorts of new things to deal with on our first preview.

As we were rehearsing some of the director's work notes this afternoon I got caught on the bloomin' rug. Never in my life have I been on a stage with rugs that weren't tacked down to the floor in some way. And although I much admire our set designer's work, I want to STRANGLE him for designing a show with representational set pieces that may actually kill us. I have - let's see - how many things to be cognizant of?: bussel and floor length dress (a costume that makes the audience gasp when I enter), gloves, parasol, fan, hat, getting in the right position for the lights, ENDLESS LINES, and with all that attempting to have some emotional reality going on and there's a d*mn rug that's also supposed to be in my cavernous brain recepticle to remember not to trip on. AAAArrrgh.

I told our director jokingly that if I tripped on it and knocked my teeth out on the bench I'd sue the bloody theatre! But it's my job to make it work and make it look like it's not even thought of. For this - I should get paid more money. Ha!

What a spectacular audience they were tonight. I said to Preston, "Please hire them to come every night." They really listened and got the jokes, they laughed and were with us. As Allan (who plays Praddy) said, "they seemed an audience that really wanted to be here."

An oh how much they taught us: what worked and what didn't work and what work we need to do. A VERY gracious audience they were. And how awful we'll feel when we don't have the same sort - as this is the benchmark. And how we will either curse them or blame ourselves for the lack of what we experienced tonight in response. Tonight was our first test. And the test went very well indeed.

Thoughts - on my entrance - the little gasp of delight at the outfit I was wearing. Did they hear anything that was being said for the first few minutes or were they just ogling the magnificence of Kelsey's costumes? One doesn't get to see such clothing like this often and it is quite spectacular. How do you even begin to describe such? As soon as I'm back home with my own computer I'll download all sorts of pretty pictures.

After the preview husband and I went back to the apartment. He cooked dinner (as he does every night - he enjoys it and I'm a lousy cook) while I made notes on the show re things I wanted to either work or comment on for tomorrow's note/work session.

Sleep is hard to come by.

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