Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a Boy, It's a Girl, it's Mothra

Missed the actual birth I'm sorry to say. (Though I've kept it's "shell casing.") I came out the other morning and there he/she/it was. Looked exactly like a leaf.
Only reason I could identify her/he/him/she/it was that he was clinging to the side of the aquarium/terrarium. Even though I had left up branches for that purpose. How does one crawl and cling to glass? If I had that answer I'd be Spiderman. But if you notice the first picture you'll see one little foot extended to hold itself there.

So I then watched. And waited. And watched. And waited. Just as I have for the past week? Two? Expecting some fabulous other transformation. Nothing seemed to be happening. Except that after hours and hours it might change it's position.

And so it went from clinging to the glass side to "another part of the forest"...the bottom of the terrarium actually. I took a twig and tried to gently open it's wings. And low and behold there were marvelous orange dots present.

If you look at the last photo it looks like there's fur on it's body.

Not the most spectacular colorations - but to go from a green caterpillar to this air born contraption - hey - it was worth the wait.


Dan said...

That's amazing. Fascinating pics. Thanks for sharing!

Giulia said...

You are such a great supporter of my blog. I adore you!

It ain't exactly like a Luna Moth. Now THAT'S a caterpillar worth birthing!

Next I may try to take pictures of the delicious green tree frogs that are hanging out on the trellis by our back patio door. One jumped on my head a week ago. Now you know I must be very mentally deranged to find that cute.....but then - I sing to the cows. Actually I got 2012 to take an apple from my hand - twice now. And THAT's quite an accomplishment. (2012 is the ear tag it has.) Mooing along here....

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I favor Number 22 next door. She lets me rub her forehead. I try not to think about what will happen to them later.

Great pictures of the moth. He looks furry. Looking forward to the frog pics. I have tons of frog pictures I should write about. They're neat, aren't they? I also take pictures of mushrooms. Nature and animals are so interesting.

Anyway, you might be interested to know I just put my bug story up.

Giulia said...

Number 22. Oh, wow, there's somebody else out there who "gets it." Yeah. We can't think too much about their future. Just enjoy their present presence. And what a present it is.

Read about your bugs and looking forward to your frogs.